Cloud Industry Forum launches cloud skills training


The CIF’s five stages to cloud peace and enlightenment

Acknowledging a “lack of skills” in the cloud computing market, the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has launched a new independent eLearning programme for IT professionals.

The cloud skills courses are a major new component in the CIF professional membership offering.

Cloud-whiteboardAlex Hilton CEO, CIF, said: “Every business is different and as a result the journey to the cloud is unique in every case. However, a common framework is relevant to almost all cloud adoption projects.”

Therefore CIF has created a cloud adoption guide to help customers through their journey and provide guidance and skills for those embarking on cloud adoption projects. We have commissioned a wholly independent series of eLearning modules that focus on the complete cloud adoption journey.”

The eLearning programme comprises of five major stages and 21 unique modules, designed to accelerate and “de-risk” the cloud adoption journey, said CIF.

The five major stages are:

Cloud Research and Strategy

Cloud Assessment and Planning

Cloud Adoption and Migration

Cloud Service Management

Cloud Evolution

The 21 modules are within the above.


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