Cisco takes stake in Intersec

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Analytics, location-based services, customer base management and contextual marketing is what Cisco wants

Intersec has seen Cisco take a strategic investment in the company to create a joint business for streamed analytics.

Intersec’s software and big data technology solutions allow clients to improve their operational efficiency and create new revenue streams in the areas of analytics, location-based services, customer base management and contextual marketing.

Intersec and Cisco have agreed on a two-level strategic partnership comprising an equity investment from Cisco to finance the creation of a joint business, and a commercial partnership to enrich cellular data with wifi for data monetisation.

agreement handshakeThe partners said there will be a connection of platforms as well as a reselling agreement for Cisco to distribute and integrate Intersec’s solutions with its own.

Yann Chevalier, Intersec CEO, said: “This initiative is a first for Intersec. We are thrilled to start working with Cisco’s business lines to enrich their offerings with our solutions. We believe that such an agreement will be a tremendous opportunity for both companies to better serve our customers.”

Intersec will benefit from Cisco’s “commercial clout” to “accelerate development” in some regions, said Chevalier. With major clients in the telco industry, such as Telefonica, SFR, MTS, Zain, O2 and Orange, Intersec now has a new means to build growth of its solutions worldwide, he said.

Frédéric Rombaut, head of corporate development EMEAR at Cisco, said: “Intersec is a pioneer and leader in big data analytics for telco networks, the company is set for strong growth.

Intersec’s extremely efficient solutions combined with Cisco’s platforms will expand the value of our respective proposals. Our investment is therefore coupled with a technological and commercial partnership that will accelerate the development of our markets globally.”

The value of Cisco’s investment in France-headquartered Intersec has not been disclosed.


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