SAP makes it easier for channel to make cash out of cloud


ERP, CRM and analytics player builds on SME incentives programme it launched this August

SAP has unveiled the SAP PartnerEdge Cloud Choice, referral option. The new option is designed to reward members with a finder’s fee if they generate new leads for SAP solutions that convert into fully paid deals.

The offering was announced at this week’s SAP SME Summit in New York. Partners can use an easy-to-use portal to manage their lead referral activities, review the status of their referrals and view their earned finder’s fees.

“As a key cloud player, our next frontier is aggressively going after the cloud opportunity with small and mid-size companies,” said Rodolpho Cardenuto, president, global channels and general business, SAP.

SAP_Locations_Walldorf_2012_015_t@900x598“SAP must rely on our extensive network of partners to tap into this expanding market and help customers succeed on the path to the cloud. Therefore, we are launching the second cloud model for partners in just three months. The referral option focuses on empowering our current partners, as well as new partners, to grow their businesses and serve as trusted advisers.”

Available now, the SAP PartnerEdge Cloud Choice, referral option, is open to any business that is involved in the small and mid-size market. This includes SAP PartnerEdge partners, as well as any business that deals with small and mid-size companies on a regular basis.

The referral option is the second option in the SAP PartnerEdge Cloud Choice programme. The first option, SAP PartnerEdge Cloud Choice, profit option – as covered on ChannelBiz – gives partners the opportunity to earn a revenue share on contracts and is already live in 24 countries.

The profit option allows partners to choose how they want to engage with SAP based on their individual capabilities, resources and expertise. The option is designed to ease the transition from on-premise to cloud selling environments.


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