Intel channel partner programme

Intel previews Ultrabook ad campaign

The channel is already gearing up for the introduction of Intel’s Ivy Bridge later this month, and now Intel has decided to preview part of the big advertising campaign it will kick off to promote vendors using its Ultrabook range. The ad, dubbed Desperado, is set in a Wild West saloon. Two rough looking guys

Toshiba, Intel implicated in Elpida bidding war

Toshiba, which has recently been involved in dealings with Western Digital to acquire part of the latter’s HDD manufacturing facilities in Thailand, is reported to have taken a shining to bankrupt DRAM maker Elpida. Elpida, which had filed for bankruptcy late last month after public officials announced they would not risk a bailout loan for

Top-tier motherboard manufacturers slash prices for 7 series boards

Top-tier motherboard manufacturers are apparently dropping their 7 series motherboard prices to compete for market share, the Digitimes has reported. However, the rumours have neither been confirmed nor denied by Intel. According to sources from the motherboard manufacturing industry, the price drops are as a result of a decline in shipment growth and huge competition

Intel offers channel partners hardware and software to address new technologies

Intel is now shipping a range of server motherboards, chassis and software, which it claims will support channel resellers building servers using its Xeon E5 processor. The company has also launched what it’s calling its Intel Server Continuity Suite software for Intel rack and server products, which it claims will help channel resellers grow their

Steve Ballmer

The next 12 months are crucial for Microsoft

A few years ago, antitrust regulators were thinking of forcing Microsoft to divide itself into three different groups. The idea was that if there were two or three different companies, there would be less opportunity for Microsoft to take decisions which broke antitrust laws. While it might not have solved that problem, Microsoft would have